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About the Patent Pending Instant ButtonŽ

Instant ButtonŽ for Jeans is the original patent pending removable and reusable button that instantly and seamlessly alters the waistband up to one and a half sizes without requiring a belt or an alteration. Instant ButtonŽ for Jeans comes in a set of two buttons with 2 post lengths (6mm and 8mm), one of each, to accommodate the various jeans thickness.

Instant ButtonŽ is made from the standard industry jeans button that offers long lasting durability, function, and comfort.

Instant ButtonŽ Rhinestone - Made with real CZECH stone. The newest addition to the Instant Button that adds a fresh look to your jeans and pants while providing the perfect fit. Also, works great on shawls and low-cut tops.

Instant ButtonŽ provides the perfect fit for men, women, and growing children on jeans, khakis, corduroys, and low-cut tops.

Why the Instant ButtonŽ for Jeans?

Instant ButtonŽ for Jeans is a fashionable and quick solution and a great alternative in spending more money on new jeans and alterations. With the Instant ButtonŽ, you can achieve a perfect fit anytime, anywhere while enjoy its simplicity for being:


No Belt
No Sew
No More Belt Bulge
Easy On, Easy Off

When to Use the Instant ButtonŽ for Jeans

A variety of factors can temporarily impact the waistline and therefore, the fit of the waistband. Instant Button is the perfect solution for the following common problems:

Weight Loss
Weight Gained
In-between Sizes
Gap Between the Body and the Back of the Pants
Curvaceous Hips with Small Waist
Missing Buttons

How the Instant ButtonŽ for Jeans Works

On the front of your loose waistband:

  1. Place theInstant ButtonŽ in the desired location next to the primary button and insert the post through the jeans to the underside.
  2. Secure the Instant ButtonŽ with the clutch fastener to the back of the post.
  3. There are now 2 buttons on the front view.
  4. Fasten the jeans using the Instant ButtonŽ for a perfect fit.

The clutch fastener is easily removed by pulling the tip of the cap to release the post.

Warning: Post may be sharp. Remove the jeans before inserting and removing the Instant ButtonŽ.

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